Autodesk Inc.


Autodesk is based in San Francisco and is the leading company in design, construction and animation software. Since 2008, we serve the acoustic brand communication of the software company with our New York branch.


Starting with the brand audit, which we held together with the whole communication team in San Francisco, we performed a detailed analysis of the brand and evaluated their actual and future communication needs. The result was a very sophisticated acoustic identity created for us by the renowned sound designer and composer Michael Montez from New York.


We implemented the sound identity into different touch points as online, videos as well as walk-on and event music.  « The music improved the overall experience of Autodesk significantly and was well received. I asked some employees and customers for their opinion. The responses were consistently « I like it: It is fresh and positive – it is Autodesk. » (Karen Brewer, Senior Director worldwide Marketing of Autodesk)

Autodesk corporate video

Autodesk walk-on music

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